Darkstone Utilities

There are some nice tools to make darkstone-players and quest-editors the life much easier. They're developed by the community and are widespread in the web. I put them on our own withinames-server so that you can find them here centrally on one location. I'm always searching for additions - so if you know a tool that must be here too then just »mail me.

The listing may not be complete and I'm not responsible for any of these tools!

Skinning Utilities

Character & Savegame Utilities

Quest-Editor Utilities

My thanks go to Luberon, who collected these utilities in a thread on the official board.

QEBackupUtility v1.0

New Tool to automatically make backups of your quest-files everytime you save in queditor - »read more


Minotaur (GOBAP1)

To reskin the light green-skinned goblin into a Minotaur (GOBAP1) place this MTF in your darkstone folder.


Flaming Skull (GOLFIRE)

To reskin the fire golem into a flaming skull (GOLFIRE) place this MTF in your darkstone folder.


Dragonblade Editor

This is the editor used in Darkstone to make animations and meshes.



This MS-DOS run application converts text files into CBS files.



A fix for the no gore versions (e.g. german version)



Statemachine with different deco-object animated chandlers.



Statemachine that freezes all monsters in a defined radius (like in the quest with the snakes).



Containers with gold (the piles from Draaks lair) in different sizes.



This container gives 1 object (magic Book or Scroll) when we click on it.


GnPTurtle's Jedi Classes

The file needs to be put in your Darkstone\Data\pclass folder. If there is no such directory, create one. Changes: All the classes were made with the same statistics; the only difference is how they look. Starting characters have Str 20, Mag 10, Dex 10, Vit 10, Swords and Books of Healing, Antidote & Reflection. Max stats are Str 250, Mag 550, Dex 250, Vit 250. They have the skills of Learning, Meditation, Concentration, Medicine, Detection, Master of Arms, and Communion (the Wizards' variety).[...]


GnPTurtle's Jedi Skins

These can be put in your Darkstone\skin folder. The proper type of skin, and accompaning face, will need to be renamed to the character whose skin you are changing. All I have done is change their swords into Lightsabers. If you use any of these skins, you really don't need to use the accompaning _face file.


Additional State Machines

Malleus has some ohter nice state machines online - on his very own quest-editing homepage.

»Malleus' Page


In this textfile youŽll find all useful skelfiles and anims by standard shipped with Darkstone.


State Machine Manual
(engl. PDF)

You want to know more abot creating state machines? Read this one. (97 kB)


State Machine Manual
(engl. Doc)

You want to know more abot creating state machines? Read this one (The same document, as a word file). (12 kB)