Darkstone Utilities

There are some nice tools to make darkstone-players and quest-editors the life much easier. They're developed by the community and are widespread in the web. I put them on our own withinames-server so that you can find them here centrally on one location. I'm always searching for additions - so if you know a tool that must be here too then just »mail me.

The listing may not be complete and I'm not responsible for any of these tools!

Quest-Editor Utilities

Skinning Utilities

Character & Savegame Utilities

My thanks go to Luberon, who collected these utilities in a thread on the official board.

Darkstone Fix v1.0

This application edits the character.lpl and updated it with your computer name so that it can be played on other computers (only char, not savegames). (725 kB)


DS Backup

Backup and Restore tool for Darkstone characters. (229 kB)


DS Looker

DSLooker will scan all your DarkStone saved games and give you the name of the computer that has been stored within (between []). Can also alter the files to a new computer name. (16 kB)


DS Name

This Will allow you to rename your Characters in Darkstone. It Also Allows for lower case and longer names (15 chars). (30 kB)