Darkstone Utilities

There are some nice tools to make darkstone-players and quest-editors the life much easier. They're developed by the community and are widespread in the web. I put them on our own withinames-server so that you can find them here centrally on one location. I'm always searching for additions - so if you know a tool that must be here too then just »mail me.

The listing may not be complete and I'm not responsible for any of these tools!

Character & Savegame Utilities

Quest-Editor Utilities

Skinning Utilities

My thanks go to Skipper and all the other DSI-Board Users.

CV5 program

A viewer for game GFX. Use it to look inside Darkstone's data.mtf folders.

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To create your very own skins you need some type of pattern - that's the so called SkinKit (Default-Skins). (765 kB)



A very functional, very small, very simple and - best of all - free image processing tool.

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MakeO3D Help

A little help to get started with the MakeO3D program.

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New Skins

The results of DSI's skinning-contest are still online - Some of them are really great work and should have a closer look on it.

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Step-by-step tutorial for making skins - how to prevent mistakes and use an image processing-tool.

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A french skinning-page

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