Darkstone Skins

»Pay attention to ...?

»What's needed?

I missed Delphine Software's official skinning-contest and maybe therefore wasn't much motivated in designing my very own skins. Anyhow I made some attempts that can be viewed and downloaded at this page ;-)

The results of the skinning-contest are still online - »here. Some of them are really great work and should have a closer look on it. There are also some links to different skinning-pages in the »Links-Section.


Azrael: This Monk-Skin is my masterpiece ;-)
»Download (114 kB)


Gandalf: The Assasin-Skin was already OK
»Download (115 kB)


Arowette: The first Thief-Skin - a little better
»Download (113 kB)


Rhiannon: My first Amazon-Skin
»Download (95 kB)