Welcome to Darkstone@withingames

Darkstone is a classic 3D-Action role-playing game from the french developer »Delphine Software. It was released after Diablo and Baldur's Gate reactivated and dominated the market for modern role-playing games. The lack of advertising made the sales-situation worse and so Darkstone never became a Blockbuster. But Darkstone offers a lot and the very committed community is already active and works on new quets for the old (1999) game.

Diablo goes 3D

This Slogan was heard in Spring 2002 when Microsoft released the new Blockbuster Dungeon Siege. But this slogan should have been used much earlier when Darkstone was released. Darkstone was one of the first real 3D-rpgs and it had years before Dungeon Siege mostly all of the features that Microsoft promoted for their big competitor.

At the time of Darkstone's release the 3d-graphics were spectacular good, the perspective was able to be turned, panned and zoomed freely and the gameplay was simple and functional. But Darkstone also has got a very atmospheric story and a very high re-playability. The quests are selected per random out of a pool of quests so that there nearly never two times in a row the same quests must be solved.

In Darkstone you're able to control one or two characters - another feature that Diablo never had. In multiplayer sessions players all around the globe can meet to play with each other. Delphinesoft missed to implement a feature like Blizzard's Battle.Net but this disadvantage was connived by the fans and they met at their own server-portals.

The Community strikes back

Despite of all trouble the Darkstone-community survived and is still pretty active. Therefore I had the intention to put on a german drop-in center for the game because I didn't know any good german Darkstone-Pages. So I put on my content and put the patches, quest-editor, quests and tools on our very own withingames-Server (best thanks to the withingames-Team!). Now the content is translated to english too. I hope you find everything you need here - if not then please »mail me and tell me what you're missing.